Membership of Wadhurst Community Cinema costs £27 (pro rata if you join mid-season). Guest tickets, for individual films, cost members £4 each. Buy them with your membership or during the season for individual film nights. Tickets are available to non-members on the door on any film night at £5.

Films are shown with their PG certificate. Young people under 16 may attend, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you would like to join go to: Becoming a Member or call 01580 201994 for more information.

Becoming a member of the Film Club

Our film nights are open to all comers. Costs work out at £3 per film for members, £4 per film for guest tickets bought by members when you join. Non-members can turn up on the night and pay £5 on the door.

When you join as a full member, your membership card and any guest tickets will be sent to you by post within a few days. You can join mid-season, paying fees pro rata to the number of films remaining to be seen (£3 per film). There are 9 films in each season.

If you have any queries about membership fill in the form on the Contact page or call the Secretary on 01580 201994 or email: Secretary.

Timing Doors open 7.15 pm, programme begins at 7.45 pm (main feature 8.00 pm approx) no  interval.

Film quality Blu-ray films are shown on a big screen with high-quality projection and sound as crisp as we can get it!

Refreshments include popcorn, sweets and chocolate, plus tea, coffee, wine and soft drinks, available before and after the film.  Mulled wine and cider during the colder months is very popular!

Need a seat cushion? Those familiar with our venue, the Commemoration Hall, know that the chairs can be a little rigid; if you think you will need additional padding, please bring with you a cushion to ensure you will be comfortable for up to two hours.

If you have any queries please email Secretary or call 01580 201994.